CAUSINDY is going back to where it all began…

Over the last two years, the future of the Australia-Indonesia relationship has been a recurring theme for CAUSINDY – but it’s not often that we reflect on where it all started.

This year, CAUSINDY’s theme is Going Back to the Beginning: From Indigenous Trade to Modern Day.

Working with our hosting sponsor, the Northern Territory Government, and conference partner the Consul of Indonesia, we’re excited to announce that CAUSINDY 2015 will take place this September in Darwin, the capital of Australia’s Northern Territory.

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Australians and Indonesians have been in contact for hundreds of years, with first contact between Makassarese and indigenous Australians placed somewhere around the 17th or 18th century.

This year, we’ll be discussing indigenous Australia’s long history with Indonesia — as well as the state of the relationship today, after a turbulent start to the year. But it’s not all history: we’ll also talk about new opportunities, from agriculture to technology and renewable energy.

CAUSINDY is also pleased to announce that Consul of Indonesia in Darwin, Andre Omer Siregar, will host an intimate dinner for delegates at his residence during the conference.

This year is your opportunity to join this conversation: applications to become a delegate are now open.

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