This year delegates will be given the opportunity to play a major role in the production of the ‘CAUSINDY 2015 Review’ – a publication of opinion pieces that will reflect the experiences and skills of our delegates, and the outcomes of the conference. This publication will be a collaborative project to be written over the course of the conference, in cooperation with our sponsors UTS:Insearch.

During the conference, delegates will be involved in workshops facilitated by representatives from UTS:Insearch. Each team will propose an opinion piece that reflects both the delegates themselves, as well as the experiences they have gained from the conference – which will ultimately reflect the bilateral relationship. To compliment these sessions, delegates are encouraged to work on their team piece in the available free time during the program.

At the culmination of the conference, each team will have produced an opinion piece that will be published in an online interactive format the ‘CAUSINDY 2015 Review’. This engaging publication will not only give delegates the opportunity to bring their own skills and experiences to a wider audience, but will also assist in spreading their opinions and sharing inspirational stories about the bilateral relationship across Australia, Indonesia and beyond.

Alex Murphy – Managing Director of UTS:INSEARCH

Managing Director of UTS INSEARCH, Alex MurphyAlex Murphy will be facilitating the CAUSINDY review sessions with our Australian & Indonesian Delegates.

Mr Murphy has 23 years experience with UTS:INSEARCH in education, marketing and senior management roles.

Mr Murphy has had a long interest in higher education, intercultural business and ethics, and has lived and worked in Indonesia. He studied linguistics, philosophy and Indonesian and Malayan studies at university and undertook research at two Australian universities, where he also lectured in linguistics. Mr Murphy ensures that learning and development of staff is fully-supported by INSEARCH and he accesses executive training programs and coaching regularly to support his own learning and development.

Mr Murphy has been a member of the St James Ethics Centre since 1997.