Q&A with Surya Setiyaputra

Surya Setiyaputra (@SSetiyaputra) is an aspiring entrepreneur and founder and director of Buziebee, an online marketplace startup that aims to provide on-the-job project-based learning experiences. He was a delegate to CAUSINDY 2014 in Jakarta.

What have you been up to recently?

I have been doing the grunt work of launching a startup marketplace in the space of employment training.

Surya taking part in a delegate recommendation group at CAUSINDY 2014 in Jakarta.
Surya taking part in a delegate recommendation group at CAUSINDY 2014 in Jakarta.

Did CAUSINDY help you form new networks and relationships?

Absolutely, I encountered some really bright and progressive minds from Australia and Indonesia last year at the conference. Since then, I have become really good friends with some of the candidates. The extended networks of CAUSINDY family that I got to encounter in the past year has also allowed me to expand my knowledge outside my usual area of interest.

What is your advice for new applicants?

Apply now or you will miss out.

How did participating in CAUSINDY benefit you?

I learned a lot of new things during the conference last year, and I have been learning new things almost everyday from interacting with other delegates through our online group ever since.

CAUSINDY is here to allow tough conversation to be had by youths with future stakes in Australia-Indonesia relationship – so that the future children of Australia and Indonesia can simply focus on important things that actually matter and do great things hand in hand.

Does the Australia-Indonesia relationship have a bright future?

Not if the old guards at the top and their philosophy are allowed to stay. Youths of Australia and Indonesia should work together cohesively, takeover the wheel from the current guards and steer the relationship towards mutually beneficial and mutually respectful direction – the sooner the better.